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Why ProyectaPV


Optimize management

ProyectaPV is not a monitoring platform but a comprehensive and personalized advisory, monitoring and control service that allows our clients to optimize the management of renewable assets. We are by your side as another department of your company

Sales manager

ProyectaPV offers you an adapted solution for managing the sale of energy under wholesale & PPA schemes

Friendly interface

ProyectaPV has a friendly and customizable graphic interface for the different user profiles

Hardware implementation

Monitoring of any element including smart meters is possible. Advice on the implementation and proposal of optimal design of data acquisition hardware that adapts to the technical and financial needs of the project

Provided database

Data available to our customers either in a local database or on the servers of the client

Constant evolution

Open system that is implemented on standard market hardware, in continuous evolution, adapting to the needs of the market and the suggestions of our clients

About us

ProyectaPV is the technological service platform by PROYECTA.

Since 2003, PROYECTA has provided its engineering services and development of customized technological solutions in the renewable energy market.

Our figures support us

Installations designed and built
Monitored installations
Revenue management


The ProyectaPV service is adapted to EPC Contractors, Installers, Maintainers, Developers, Owners and Asset Managers.

We are at your side for the daily control of your facilities. We give you the most appropriate technical solution for monitoring, establishing an optimized control plan and managing incidents according to your needs, with 365-day support.

We provide you with the data that you and your bank needs and we manage your collection rights automatically if you are a Developer, Owner or Asset Manager.